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HIS RadeonHD 5450 H545H512P

$89.99 Released January, 2011

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Runs completely silently with no fan noise. Stays fairly cool and doesn't generate significant heat to be vented. Low profile design is good for cluttered cases.

The HIS Radeon HD 5450 H545H512P is an entry-level / lower middle class PCI-based graphics module that supports OpenGL 3.2 and DirectX 11. Featured is Featured is 512MB of DDR3 operating at 650MHz, a heatsink-based cooling system that features no fans, and VGA, DVI, and HDMI connectivity ports.

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Product Shot 2 Unfortunately, the H545H512P only has 80 MADD cores or stream processors, meaning its hardware abilities—HDR texture, post processing, shadows, tessellation—are less than that of a card with 400+ cores. Mind you, the H545H512P can still handle most 3D games with low-medium details, though extremely demanding games like Crysis and Modern Warfare will require lower settings.


  • Desktop Graphics Module
  • Park(Pro) Architecture (40nm)
  • DDR2/3 Compliant Controller
  • 80 MADD Cores
  • UVD2 Video Processor
  • HD Audio Formats
  • PCIe x16 Gen 2.0
  • 512MB Memory DDR3
  • 650MHz Core Clock
  • 1000MHz Effective Memory Clock
  • 2560x1600 Max Resolution
  • 400W Power Required
  • CrossFire-X Support
  • Heatsink Cooling
  • OpenGL 3.2
  • DirectX 11
  • Supports 2 Monitors

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    runs completely silently with no fan noise

  • 1

    stays fairly cool and doesn't generate significant heat to be vented

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    low profile design is good for cluttered cases

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    HD video playback is smooth and sharp

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    enough processing power to play most games, although settings will generally have to be at low to medium

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    doesn't draw a lot of power and is ideal for systems with smaller PSUs

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    outputs for all 3 major monitor types

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    will support larger monitors that exceed the 1080p standard without a problem

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    will send audio through the HDMI port and handles HD audio standards


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